Wood displays

Wood displays - a plus of stability

Wood offers itself as a material in particular for floor displays. This is due to the fact that wood gives more stability to a screen, for example in comparison to acrylic glass and it is also cost-effective. Thanks to the ruggedness wooden display are suitable especially for sale products that can be characterized by larger dimensions and a higher weight as for example in cosmetic articles. For this purpose very often acrylic displays are manufactured.

Wood displays for more sustainability

Because wood is a renewable raw material, in many cases this is the first choice, especially if sustainability aspects, that hide behind the products tob e presented, play an important role. Through its look and feel the wood material gives a natural note to each object.

Wood displays by Effekt Grafik

Wood displays can not only be created differently in form and the design, but also with regard to the processing of the material different procedures are used. If plastic coated or painted individually, for example with a semi-gloss or piano lacquer, Effekt Grafikrelies relies on a high-value and a proper processing. In addition, wood can also be combined with other materials such as acrylic glass or aluminum. In general, the material is very versatile in its possibilities.

We would like to create for you refined display solutions made of wood, whose shape, color and surface which convince in every respect.

For a request or an offer for your individual wooden display simply get in touch with us.

wood displays