Super class sales furniture

Super class sales furniture

Sales furniture are usually a special type of floor displays. Sale furniture are assigned to the area of shopfitting and they are especially suitable for the presentation of products to the premium and luxury segment. Sale furniture are usually classified as sales displays and only in exceptional cases designed as presentation displays. The latter is usually only the case if these are expensive, exclusive products that should not be directly accessible to the customer. An access is then only possible via the sales staff, which the customer to the product can bring via a qualified consulting interview. Sale furniture are therefore also referred to as a premium display.

Sales furniture serve the sales promotion

Sale furniture serve to sales promotion and are for permanent use i.e. for long-term use. As a sale furniture pieces include these side testers as well as the associated sales products. In the integrated storage compartment substitute products or additional flyer will be accommodated. Sales furniture have for example proven during product launches in the test phase before the products will be presented in the sales shelves after successful completion.

Individually designed furniture

As sale material in selling furniture first of all wood is used. There are various types of processing conceivable. If plastic coated or painted individually, for example with a semi-gloss or piano lacquer, Effekt Grafik relies on high-quality materials and perfect processing. In addition to wood also materials are used such as acrylic glass or elements of LED technology. In screen printing also logos or writings can be applied. Generally our sales furniture are constructed mobile i.e. with rollers to meet a wide range of use. If for the respective product flyer are available, integrated prospectus trays ensure in this regard a decent appearance.

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super class sales furniture