The shop-in-shop system is a form of cooperation in which larger or large sales areas are created for a special offer.

The shop-in-shop system is a promotional measure where the attractiveness of products is increased by presenting them on a demarcated area that effectively that customers can be enticed to a buying decision.

The shop-in-shop system is a sales and presentation area visually separated from the surrounding sales area, so that the customer can perceive that here - in the shop-in-shop - a very special range selection is presented. Except in large department stores, supermarkets and shopping centers, in which the shop-in-shop system setup is now well-known and very well received by customers, the shop-in-shop system can also be implemented in smaller specialist shops or craft businesses - from the flower shop to tailoring. It is important however that enough presentation area is created for the own presentation displays in the shop-in-shop system.

Unique presentation surfaces with a shop-in-shop system

If the shop-in-shop system is realized, certain presentation areas in the sales room will be reserved only for the assortment of shops in the shop. For the manufacturers of these products the shop-in-shop system allows, to delineate their products from those of their competitors and in this way to reach a special or exclusive position for their products. You can also benefit from the visitor frequency in the established department stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, retail stores or craft enterprises.

For the shop operator in turn the shop-in-shop system can have a positive effect for the own image, because a shop in shop with a selected or a fine range of products whose brand name is a 'address' for the consumer, or of a constantly changing world, this could also have a positive effect on the specialist trade image or the reputation of the craft business. With the shop-in-shop system the operators can even distinguish themselves from others.

In the shop-in-shop system it is of particular importance that the identity of the specialist trading company or the craftsmen operation is maintained. In addition, it is not irrelevant that enough room for variation possibilities remains.

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