Sheet printing

Sheet printing is a process in which the work step of laminating is omitted. The drive pressure technology is therefore distinguished by speed and efficiency - and in consistently high quality.

In the sheet printing process almost all rigid, flat materials can be printed such as acrylic, aluminum composite panels, glass, hard and light foam plates, wood, hollow chamber or metal plates and plastic.

In the plate printing processes the printing is realized with UV-curable inks. The possibilities in the drive pressure are so far-reaching that even high-quality, photo-realistic printing or small texts on signs and acrylic display are set no limits. Since the UV ink drying process takes place in parallel with the printing, in the sheet printing procedure almost all surfaces, even uncoated, can be printed. In the sheet printing it is also possible to immediately continue working with the printed boards because the drying during the pressure of a scratch-resistant and weather-resistant layer is created with the print image.

The drive pressure: for a heavily loaded media is the ideal solution

The drive pressure: for a heavily loaded media is the ideal solution Due to its properties and the special plate printing inks the sheet printing is thus especially suitable for surfaces that are exposed with a lot of stress as a result of different weather conditions.This includes signs and fences on construction sites, advertising media in the outdoor area of trade fairs, illuminated displays from acrylic or 3D-display plastic doors and furniture. The good adhesion and water-repellent properties of the plate ink on different surfaces can also be improved by an additional lamination. The laminate does not only offer mechanical protection, but also evaluates the printed surface optically again.

In the interior all conceivable motifs can be realized with the drive pressure procedure also on noble materials. Acrylic glass gives your picture a discreet and elegant touch and makes it become a personal work of art. And if you still want to improve your rooms in a more elegant design, the sheet printing creates a combination of aluminum and acrylic gallery character.

For individualists with a special love for nature the sheet printing makes your image sensually perceivable because the image is pressed directly on a wooden plate whereas the grain can be seen and felt.

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sheet printing