Screen printing

The universal printing process. With the screen printing process we offer you an ideal technology when it comes to printing on very different materials. These include flexible and rigid materials such as acrylic or plexiglas, slides, glass, wood, cardboard, cardboard, plastics, metals and paper.

Depending on the surface of the material in the screen print special screen printing inks are used that differ especially in their composition and adhesion. The spectrum of the usable colors ranges from opaque or transparent to matt or glossy, dull or shimmering and pasty colors. The selection of the screen printing tissue and thus the color order also allows different high color layer thicknesses, whose uniformity, consistency and intensity in the color effect can be implemented in any other printing process, as in the screen printing.

With its almost inexhaustible selection of the materials to be printed, of freedom in the theme and the choice of color (one or more color), the paint and varnish diversity as well as the possibilities for use of spot colors such as gold or special effects like gloss lacquer, mica effect, light colors of the mother of pearl, the screen printing leaves enough room for your creativity. Make use of this potential for the individual design of their own products.

The screen printing for individual advertising opportunities

According to your print template the screen printing ink is printed with a wiper rubber blade, through a special fine mesh screen printing on the material to be printed.

Depending on which material is to be printed, different screen printing tissues are used, which according to its fiber structure and fineness vary and so allow different color brilliance. At those parts of the tissue, where according to the print template, no color will be printed, the tissue is controlled by a template made impervious color. In this way you can print in the sieve printed on almost all surfaces - regardless of their individual characteristics.

The screen printing is especially well suited for the production of stickers, displays, posters and signs - for use inside and outside. For the screen printing and the used special screen printing inks are characterized by a high degree of resistance and weather resistance. Therefore you can also very good advertising media for the outdoor advertising printed. The screen-printing on glass also opens up for Transparency and structure additional design possibilities - from crystal clear on satin matte or multi-colored to rich.

In addition, in the screen printing process through the combination of colors, patterns or motifs more effects, e.g. from the incidence of light. Also in relation to the print format the screen printing is characterized by flexibility: depending on the type of application it can be printed from a few centimeters to several meters.

There are also both small and large requirements to be implemented. Screen printing products can finally be further processed and finished by cutting, punching, sawing, milling, lasers and polishing. We would like to show you the almost unlimited possibilities of screen printing in the design of your products.

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screen printing