Scanner rails

Today almost everything can and will be scanned. Scanning, that means a lot of information on little space available quickly. And if you have many products in the range, product information and prices must be legible for your scanner quickly - the most suitable is the use of scanner rails.

Scanner rails also offer great comfort in the data readability if in containers or racks article are stored that often come and go. The labelling of these products should be easily interchangeable. With scanner rails in the correct format the re-labeling is a breeze

Scanner rails are made of different materials such as plastic or metal. Scanner rails are also available in different colors and widths. They fit perfectly into your rack and product landscape. Scanner rails can e.g. be delivered with transparent or colored back side. If your labels do not flush exactly with the edge of the scanner rails, you can simply use the color contrast of your labels on the colored background of your scanner rails - this can also increase the readability of your product or pricings.

Scanner rails: as an advertising medium more than just a price rail

Scanner rails can also be delivered depending on their intended use in various copies, such as adhesive or bolt-on and even magnetic scanner rails.

If you need to install the labels do not take any rails - take advantage of the benefits that a precise scanner rails offers you.

For the standard highs of your shelf areas you can use the scanner rails in the format of your stock labels on request, we can print them according to your specifications.

By their practicality and elegance scanner rails make it easier for you to get into contact with the customer, because the signs of the goods shelf side is clearly visible and legible for your customer's needs.

Scanner rails and the corresponding labels provide order in the rack clutter and ensure professional award of your products and they can also be used, for example in the area of sales showcases.

For personal advice just get in contact with us.

The Effekt Grafik team will advise you to find the right scanner rails for your purposes.

scanner rails