Sales display

For the optimal presentation - the sales display

Intelligently designed sales displays are more than just eye-catcher on the so-called Point of Sale, they are more than a mere orientation aid in the extensive world of products of our numerous shops and large shopping centers - sale displays are the sales assistants, helping to increase your revenue guaranteed! Sale displays are seen and the attention that sales displays lead onto a specific product guide, entice customers to purchase. Is it because the product that you as a dealer or the manufacturer of your sales display set in scene: practical, inexpensive, up-to-date, extravagant or exclusively.

The professional displays for sales rooms of every kind, can be produced from the most diverse materials such as acrylic glass, PVC, PET, cardboard, paperboard or metal, can not only be produced product-specific but also with selected color combinations, images or simply with text - your slogan or special product information -. Your advertising lands so precisely at the point of sale and calls for their sale.

Well placed - successfully sold the sales display in use

You decide which type of sale display for your sales area has to be manufactured. The design possibilities and thus the placement of your sales display range from free-standing up to the model, that can be positioned at the wall. No matter which form of the product presentation with sales display you decide, sales displays offer the ideal stage for a variety of products and can also even meet special functions such as a mirror or a loading facility element for shop-in-shop systems. Sale displays care in any case always for a safe storage and a smart appearance.

There are almost no limits for the execution of a sales display.

We offer numerous standard displays, from which you can select your personal favorite. In the design of your individual sales displays, we correspond to your personal wishes or requirements so that you get the perfect sales display for your sales area and your products. Promote your sales and help to increase your sales! The use of sale displays in sales areas - whether in shops or even in the external area for your outdoor advertising – is well worth it. Because your individually designed sales display is your personal advertising area and thus a very important tool in the sale of your products.

The reasons for the use of sale displays at a glance:

  • optimum product presentation
  • attention-challenging
  • purchase-tempting
  • sales enhancing

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sales display