Sale showcases

Present your products in the best framework - with the right sale showcase!

Sales showcases can be individually adapted to each product group in the form, material selection and its functionalities can be optimally coordinated and in the appropriate implementation they can be perfectly integrated into your sales area also in the free standing.

Sale showcases can be more functional, for example as an exhibition element, at the same time the sales counter can be used as a clearer and more secure presentation area for valuable products and objects. Sale showcases, e.g. with cooling function, however, make your cake creations or noble pralines to culinary eye-catcher. Sale showcases that are free-standing are an interesting design element that you can use stylish in your shop. Sales showcases are also used as a complete wall of glass or transparent room dividers. In each case the showcases are an optimal addition for your professional advertising presence.

Sale showcases used as a counter: the closeness to customers

If you trade with high-quality products, e.g. with jewelry or small art objects, it is very important that you also present these products in an elegant and appealing framework. Sales showcases are ideal for this purpose, because they combine the possibility of presentation with an extended functionality: Your sales showcase is at the same time the counter. You can attend to your customers and at the same time offering them high quality products in the elegant ambience of your showcase present. The pieces a customer is interested in, can easily and quickly be removed from one of their sales showcases and present them to the customer again for a better view.

Sale showcases as a free-standing space element

Free-standing sales showcases have a special attraction for customers because they allow to capture the coveted object in a panoramic view. In addition, free-standing sales showcases make the shopping experience at your business premises even more intense, because products and environment are connected in a total pleasure. Because sale showcases are available in every area of your sales area they can be set up in many different versions or according to your individual requirements or ideas.

Sale showcases play an increasing role for presenting beautiful, noble or simply small objects. They are a presentation, placement and design options for very different products and premises.

Back of your products in the right light with sales showcases

Back of your products in the right light with sale showcases meet additional functions. Through the skillful arrangement of selected products in the sale of cabinets, as well as the correct lighting they can affect their products even better and strengthen the purchase requests. In addition, sales showcases also serve for the safe storage of valuable objects, because they are, according to the need, equipped with locking mechanism and even backup alarm.

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