Product carrier

Product carrier for sales promotion

Not all products can be sorted perfectly in the rack. An adequate presentation of the goods was previously difficult in many cases. Our solution: product-specific carrier, with your logo and your brand printed, for an optimum presentation.

Product carrier play a decisive role in the visual control of the sale. These are not only an integral part of the layout planning of places, but also an important instrument to promote sales. There were winners in the retail trade to the respective products should be tailored, recommends the development of individual and creative, target group-specific solutions.

The arena-principle

In addition to the principle design, among other things, the placement of the workpiece carrier is crucial. The question as how sales displays are set up and arranged best, deal with our visual merchandising Effekt Grafik experts. In particular, it deals about how to increase sales by a perfect arrangement. In order to reach a high level of sales promotion the arena principle has proven. In particular displays that are located in the vicinity of the main entrance should be manufactured lower than the following goods carrier. The height of each institution is determined by the average body size of men and women.

We will be happy to assist you in order to find out which product support for your projects is the best. The Effekt Grafik team analyzes and assesses the situation on the ground and does concept and strategy to these conditions. We advise and support you fully from the first idea to final assembly.

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product carrier