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The digital printing opens up completely new dimensions in the outdoor and indoor advertising! NO matter if your advertising should be noticed at buildings, facades, shop windows or at trade fairs notice - with the digital printing technology a wide range of creative and fast to be implemented advertising possibilities is available. Digital printing is not only possible for paper, but in our print shop we even print on glass and other materials such as plastic plates.

We put your individually designed print jobs into our printers in high-quality digital printing, e.g. for flags, slides, window film, transparent, banners or networks in black-and-white or color.

As a print shop for digital printings we take the entire production process - from the control of the supplied print data to the analysis of the quality of the finished digital pressure. The result are digital prints in brilliant color quality that can make the most of your advertising. We also offer large-format digital prints for window or facade advertising as a shop-in-shop system including assembly.

Digital printing: Discover the Possibilities

Digital printing - also known as Direct Digital Printing (DDP) - has many advantages: In the digital printing process a computer directly controls the printing machine. There is no need for time-consuming preparatory work such as the creation of printing plates or the setup of the printing machine. The printed material also requires no drying time. These properties make the digital printing technology to a very efficient and fast printing process - for small and large runs equally.

With little effort each print sheets can also individually be printed and even personalized. In digital printing the color design is always based on the four-color printing, the so-called CMYK color space. In the creation of print templates that are created in Panone, HKS, RAL or other color schemes or the use of spot colors, there are exact conversion tables for the desired color in digital printing.

In addition, there are no limits in the representation in digital printing photo-realistic images on different materials such as e.g. foil, plastic plates or paper. Apart from the classical roles digital printing our print shop also works with all of the rigid and flexible materials without lamination in direct print method.

We print for your advertising on all materials - in all sizes, shapes and colors.For a personal consultation please contact us.

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print shop for digital printing