Presentation display

Set your product presentation displays specifically in scene - with a strong signal effect and convincing advertising message!

Presentation displays are universally applicable and meet many different functions: they can introduce a new product, announce or care for a later recognition effect of products.

Presentation displays for the introduction of new products.

With the introduction of new products the presentation on site is, in addition to the advertising campaign in the media, an extremely promising opportunity to draw the attention of customers for the novelty to wake up e.g. in the super market with presentation displays. The displays as advertising media offer space for one or more selected exhibits that can catch the eye with the presentation in a very interesting and exciting way.
Presentation displays can thus arouse emotions that positively influence the purchasing decision.
Presentation displays offer a presentation area for the product and also provide important information about the advertised product. In addition, if the presentation display is equipped with light effects, e.g. in the form of illuminated areas or integrated monitors, the product can be presented in a way that has the effect of a large signal and product and advertising message in convincing relationship.

Presentation display for use at trade fairs

Presentation displays, that are e.g. used on trade fairs are not primarily products locally to sell, but to draw the interest of the visitors to the fair for a new product or draw attention to it and also, at a later stage, to reach good sales results. Presentation displays for trade fairs are individually designed. They should act as an eye-catcher and thus also support the objectives of the promotional presentation.

Creative advertising media: presentation displays will amaze your customers

For the design of presentation displays creativity is of great importance, because with presentation displays the attention of customers does not only have tob e directed in the short term to (new) products. Much more presentation displays intend to address to customer so that these later still remember and buy the product. Presentation displays should therefore be created sensational and in a way that the customer remains in memory.

On request we can realize extravagant forms in various materials with special extras such as integrating light or sound effects.
In the manufacture of presentation displays we leave all relevant information on size, weight and details such as the handle height of goods included - always with a view to optimal sales promotion.

We will be happy to advise you when it comes to your individual presentation display solutions!

presentation display