POS-displays as a guarantor for an increased attention

POS displays attract the attention and emphasize the presence of the product exactly where it matters - directly at the point of sale. Here you will find your products in a special way highlighted to you effectively. A POS display is more than just a simple product stand. This is much more seen as the flagship of your products at the POS. High-quality materials in connection with successful, optical effects do not only draw the attention of your customer, but also, for example, attract on fairs - but there rather in the form of a presentation display.

POS-displays of various categories

POS displays can be designed according to your requirements. You have the choice between modifiable standard solutions, individual or even exclusive POS display. For the displays mentioned first usually relatively simple, easily held acrylic plates are used, but they are produced in different sizes and they can be printed, for example in the screen printing or digital printing, with your logo. Individual marketing displays differ from exclusive POS display so that the latter due to their complex nature and high values are rather used in the luxury brand segment. All of these variants nevertheless have both: the quality processing as well as the use of high quality materials. This includes among other things of acrylic glass (PMMA), wood and different metals. These can be used in all conceivable variants to create a POS display to develop what the impact of your product ideal reinforces. Individual digital or screen prints of the most varied kind improve your POS display to stand-alone designer pieces.

Quality in all areas

In addition to the quality of the materials and the processing we also put great emphasis on a high quality of advice. Product samples and 3D models help to illustrate and ensure that your ideas are implemented, just as you like it. Even for the most unusual ideas we offer the optimal solutions. You have the products - we offer you the appropriate POS display. Get in contact with us!