Outdoor advertising

Obvious and yet subtle: outdoor advertising. Advertising messages already existed in ancient times and even today, visitors to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii can admire the discreet and yet expressive advertising for senators, gladiators or simply refreshing food and drinks on the outside walls of 2000-year-old buildings. And also in more recent times - long before the mass media have begun to play their role as an advertising medium – advertised on posters, which seemed tob e neccessary in private households or in domestic and foreign policy or which was offered in the appeared theater and opera house. And while thus on exterior walls and the advertising posters the transmission of messages has begun, until today the various media in the outdoor advertising can be used on the most important means of communication in the advertising industry.

If you find yourself asking why it is like this – simply because professional outdoor advertising neither remains unnoticed, still switched off or can be skipped. And yet it is one of the greatest benefits of outdoor advertising that potential customers or prospects will not be confronted with a flood of advertising spots, as it is frequently the case with TV channels and what is unpleasant or even disturbing. Outdoor advertising is also an advantage compared with magazines, because advertisements pile up on a print medium not infrequently in individual pages and are either not or sometimes even with reluctance perceived „No advertising material“.

Outdoor advertising – the other type of temptation

Outdoor Advertising, for example with posters or with advertising pylons, is seen positively by customers and prospective customers. Because this form of outdoor advertising is a very silent and static transmission of messages, it is not only perceived as "non-disruptive", but it also achieves a very large number of potential customers or prospects. Because many people are daily on the way and thus recognize outdoor advertising on-the-fly. With outdoor advertising you have a successful instrument for your advertising campaign. And with our wide product range for media in the outdoor advertising you will surely reach your target group

The unique advantages of outdoor advertising at a glance:

  • As additional advertising possibility outdoor advertising increases your advertising regional and supraregional
  • Special actions can be advertised exactly with outdoor advertising target group
  • A poster, one of the most expressive advertising genres in the outdoor advertising, are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and so they are present around the clock

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outdoor advertising