Label advertising

Target group specific placement of advertising.

The universe of advertising opportunities is almost unlimited. For your advertising, you can use everything : stickers, flyers, brochures, facades, vehicles, window to signs, displays and flags. Everything can be printed and either illuminated, glued, suspended or established. Your advertising media can be stationary with the correct labeling or mobile a sensation. You only need to decide which star of this universe has to light up for you!

Advertising on vehicles: everywhere - striking - effective!

Set vehicles as a mobile advertising media and make them with the appropriate label to your company or service attentive. Vehicle labeling is not limited to passenger cars, but it can also be used effectively for trucks with trailers, buses and even construction vehicles.

In this case the design of your advertising on vehicles is possible in all variations - from foil labels on doors or windows to the packaging of the entire vehicle in photo quality. Your advertising - whether label or pictures or a combination of both - is pressed on slides that are weather resistant and therefore also suitable for washing streets and that distinguish themselves by its longevity and color fastness. For advertising on vehicles we do not only develop the appropriate label, but use scale vehicle templates in the planning, so that already before printing a first impression of how the label will look like.

Advertising: flexible and versatile by labeling

If you only want to use auto labels for a short time for your advertising, magnetic plates are a suitable alternative. They adhere to metallic surfaces and leave no traces on the vehicle paint. Your good name as a flagship!

Signs are the A and O of our orientation.

They show us the way ahead - and move us closer to the ultimate goal . We print labels for companies, shops, offices and public institutions. Whether made of aluminum, acrylic or acrylic glass, wood or a mixture of materials – by using slides or laser labeling your shield becomes an interesting eye-catcher. We can provide large-format signs for construction sites or events with foil label or digital printing. And we can even manufacture  signs and complete systems e.g. for office building in accordance with your requirements to your own imagination.

Large and small labels!

Advertising on banners and flags are a highlight with smart label, e.g. on your trade fair stand or on your building. And if your window needs a new make-up – we will have lots of ideas for your window gluing. Perhaps you will refine your window with stickers or you use stickers in order to announce your email address.

We will be happy to advise you personally with an individual label and advertising. You simply have to take contact with us and tell us your wishes.

label advertising