Glasses displays

Glasses displays made by Effekt Grafik. There you look closer - the glasses in the display.

You are an optician and offer a wide range of glasses and sunglasses or are you a dealer and sell sunglasses in your store, your shop or your large market? And are you looking for an eye catcher for your glasses? The perfect presentation model? - We have it: the glasses display made of acrylic, wood or metal!

Glasses displays created according to your own ideas are the ideal presentation area for your glasses and sunglasses. No matter whether you want to use your glasses display on a sales counter as sales display, stand, shelf or even on a stand. Because in its different versions glasses displays are not only a sophisticated, modern or extravagant way to present glasses and sunglasses, but they are also a space-saving and professional advertising space. Glasses presented in the display professionally and attractively, are therefore the best recommendation for the right perspective.

The right display for every pair of glasses

Glasses displays convince through their different design variants, that provide you different ways of presentation that range from the display for a pair of glasses to the wall for a large selection of glasses or sunglasses. And in addition by simply using modern-extraordinary to elegant, because professional glasses displays are designed in the same individual way as the glasses you present. As single display glasses display ensure that for example the newest high-tec glasses model is perfectly set in scene. Both the form, as well as the color and on request also your logo, an image or text can be created precisely according to your own ideas.

Glasses displays  are also available for the presentation of several glasses models in different versions:

Glasses displays that are positioned on the sales counter and that are equipped with a different number of floors, for example make it possible to offer glasses or sunglasses in a price point of view. Glasses display with offset levels offer you the possibility to optimally present a glasses model in different materials or with special glasses. As a stand with or without castors you can place a selection of different models and price classes virtually anywhere in the sales area or in the outdoor area of your store or boutique as external advertising in order to give the customers the opportunity to win – first of all – an overview. - And even if want to offer your entire product range of glasses or sunglasses at a glance, glasses displays in rack form are the ideal presentation area!

Just take a look at our displays - with or without glasses!

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glasses displays