Frameless frameworks

Frameless frameworks - quality for changing

The frame less system – our high-quality and flexible solution for long-term use at the POS. Frameless frameworks have been specially designed for the indoor area. They are composed of profiles and a special, removable clamping cloth. The profiles consist of high-quality, silver-anodised aluminum and are available in one- or two-sided version. Put at a wall therefore only one side is visible, in the ceiling mounting or the suspension at the ceiling both sides are visible. In the case of frameless frameworks also small numbers of units can be realized. The formats can be chosen freely up to a certain size with XXL-format.

The replaceable part of the Frameless Frame: the clamping cloth

The clamping cloths for the frameless frames are printed in the dye sublimation printing, which is charactarized by a high degree of color depth and saturation. This is a special procedure for the production of high resolution prints. The individual clamping cloth is provided with a plastic piping all round and additionally with a rubber lip. The cloth is clamped in the slot of the aluminum profile using the keders. The rubber lip helps removing the spring cloth from the frameless frame.

The large images printed on clamping cloths can be changed after the first assembly, which implies mounting costs only for the first time. The transport costs for follow-up orders are also clearly lower than for example with visuals, that are printed on plates, because the clamping cloths can be folded in a small package to be sent. This is also beneficial for the storage. The material can be machine-washed.

Frameless frames by Effekt Grafik

Frameless frame are an investment that pays off in the long term because, once acquired, the framework can be used permanently with different motifs. From the initial consultation, development and production up to the assembly Effekt Grafik offers everything from a single source.

For a personal consultation and planning your individual frameless frame please contact us. Simple and straightforward.

frameless frameworks