Foil printing

Unique, high quality and effective: foil printing

Foils are available in almost countless variations. And as each foil has its own characteristics and optical effect, each foil also has a special purpose. Since we can not represent each individual use, you will find here a selection of design and application possibilities of foils, that can be printed with almost any promotional message. Foil printing by Effekt Grafik makes it possible.

Transparent films

With transparent films unique effects can be achieved. Therefore these foils can be used especially when printings are supposed to have a particularly striking effect or when they have to meet special requirements, for example as advertising displays, exhibition displays or large-slides in lightbox. The natural luster of the foil achieves very effective contrasts and brings the printed advertising message perfectly to application. Transparent films can be both partially as well as fully printed.

Foil printings on adhesive films

There are printed adhesive films depending on the area of application in two different versions. As a sticker they can be attached by means of a printed adhesive on a product – printed with any advertising message. By punching the printed foil can also be shaped in any form. Adhesive foils are liable however without adhesive on all smooth materials such as for example on windows or glass doors. Printed adhesive foils are of course readable two-sided and are used for example in the area of window gluing.

Printed white foils

Prints on white foils reminiscent of fine paper, but they are washable, tear-resistant and therefore durable. Depending on the request, the optical effect of printed white foils can be refined in addition with gloss or matt coatings, with opaque white as frost effect or also by punch.

Printed silver foil

Silver foil is a noble material for that, when printing and processing, special expertise is needed. Printed silver foil is therefore used for selected promotional events, like for example for high-end products from the areas of cars, cosmetics and jewelry. Through the mirror effect of silver foil advertising messages can be printed and your presentation display can finish the exclusive character of products and services discreet but memorable.

The application possibilities of our slide pressure range among other things from vending machines and machine labels, company stickers and signs advertising stickers and goods to the customer and calendar cards, bookmarks, pattern books and color templates. Foil printing is durable and depending on the design it also makes for a visually modern, timeless, young, extravagant or elegant impression.

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foil printing