Flyer stands

You want to positioning flyer professionally in your business premises, in practice, the office or on a trade-fair appealing place - then you need the corresponding presentation opportunity: a flyer stand.

Flyer are one of the most frequently used advertising medium - and this worldwide. The design of this small carnival barkers ranges from a gimmick folded at the size of a matchbox over the post card format up to a folded brochure. Regardless of content and design the presentation of this advertising is important because flyers left lying around will look messy and no longer up to date.

Rely therefore on modern flyer stands. In modern flyer stands, your flyer sets itself apart positively, acts professionally and stands out from your competition. Flyer stand are available in various models that are not only different in size and format, but also in terms of the various materials from which flyer stands are produced.

Flyer stand as advertising media: simple and timeless elegance

Flyer stands made of transparent materials as acrylic talkers deprive the flyer no attention and do not hide the view of important information that you present in your flyer stand.

Flyer stand, used for setting up on tables and counters, call the attention in direct sales or consulting talks of a potential customer or your patient or customer to important services or products that you promote. Flyer stands in portrait or landscape format or with a tray or with several floors can also even emphasize a promotional statement or an advertising message - because the flyer stand is for your advertising medium what the paper and loop tape is for your gifts: the right packaging!

And also the correct size makes curious: tray divider can help to vary flyer stand e.g. from DIN A4 to DIN A5 and by this create order and structure in the colorful diversity of their flyers. And finally also the fill depths of flyer stands should be selected individually, so that everything you offer is presented in the best way possible - whether you follow the motto "less is more" or "mass is class".

With the correct flyer stand you can operate optimally in additional advertising!

For a personal consultation and planning of the individual flyers stand please get in contact with us. Simple and straightforward.

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