Floor stickers

Floors turn into advertising spaces by using floor stickers.

Floor stickers are made of high-quality, durable slides for mounting on floors. They are used in different areas of use, for example, directly at the POS to draw attention on actions or news. Floor stickers also come to use as a guide in commercial sites in the context of customer control systems. In logistics and warehouse area figures floor stickers belong to the label elements. They are supposed to facilitate orientation and speed up the processes during the order picking.

Floor stickers with different properties

Depending on the site floor sticker therefore are used for advertising and/or information purposes. Depending on the duration, from only temporarily or medium to as long as possible, in the manufacture of floor stickers different adhesive properties are taken into account. If the adhesive elements must resist in an increased degree of mechanical strain, this is observed even during pressure, make this over a long period of for example time to ensure an attractive appearance oft he floor sticker. A fast abrasion is therefore prevented.

Effekt Grafik floor stickers

The example above shows impressively that floor stickers can also serve in order to set an already strong display in scene and therefore to put the final touches to it. This is a status display made of metal, which had been designed and manufactured for the Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH. The Puppies Club floor stickers have been fitted in a special way so that they give the impression that a clumsy puppy has been running towards the display and left his paw prints there. Floor stickers can be produced in different formats and with different contours.

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floor stickers