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Whether on exhibitions, sales events or in traditional shops, whether for permanent initial placement as a status display or just for a temporary second placement as a counter easel - displays are more than just a means of an eye-catching presentation of products. They provide much more an integral part of the distribution policy and have proved, in particular with regard to the introduction of new products. As a renowned display manufacturer with over 45 years of experience in the area of advertising design we know exactly what is also important in your single case.

Product and presentation displays -
a powerful advertising

First of all product displays we will help you to place your article effectively. In addition to the optimal presentation and the awakening of attention they also have the advantage that they transport the corporate identity of the company. Depending on the formulation in the design also useful information can be integrated regarding the product benefits. Through the use of high-grade materials such as acrylic glass, wood or different metals in conjunction with professional digital or screen printing there are almost no limits regarding the form and expression oft he displays. This will make the presentation displays to an important instrument of your marketing concept. They do not only promotionally but they will also transport the philosophy and the style of your company.

Profit from our many years of experience as a renowned display manufacturer

In close cooperation with you we design your display in accordance with these requirements and your individual wishes. By using the most advanced digital technology as well as on the basis of samples and 3D drawings, you will get - prior to the production - a precise ideaof how we as a display manufacturer produce your display in connection with exact dimensions.

Get in contact with us! We would be happy to advise you without obligation to the options available to you as an experienced display manufacturers.

display manufacturer