Direct printing

The fast and cost-effective printing process.

The fast and cost-effective printing process. With our direct printing process we offer exceptionally fast and cost-effective options for printing on totally different surfaces, e.g. aluminium composite panels, acrylic glass, hard plastic, PVC foil and glass. Though it is not necessary to prepare the surface for direct printing, time-intensive operations in the direct print procedure can be omitted. The application areas of the direct printing technology are in quite different areas, for example in the individual design of your outdoor and indoor advertising, your stage pictures, furniture or vehicle labeling. Slides, plans, PVC, banner and plastics of all kinds just get beautiful through the correct use of the direct pressure.

According to the respective surface of the print media in the direct printing process colors with or without surface contact are applied. - we will choose the ideal direct printing pressure for your field of application.

Individual direct printing for highest demands

Our individual direct print production processes offer a maximum degree of flexibility. Your requirements for color quality and excellent contrast characteristics are thus easily met. At the same time the direct printing gives you room for any form of individuality and creativity.

During the thermal transfer direct printing process directly a print head transmits the warm color directly onto the print object and thus generates the desired print image. This so-called contact direct printing process allows markings with extremely high contrast and high quality as it is required e.g. in the production of serial numbers, type designations, logos or high-quality decorative labels.

In the tampon direct printing process as well as in the direct print stamp systems ready-made templates provide the print image. A two-dimensional stamp produces corresponding recesses on the printing surface. Direct printing systems include to the high-direct printing process in which the color is absorbed by a surface stamp pad. Tampon direct printing processes and direct print stamp systems are suitable due to their excellent weather resistance, especially for outdoor applications and they are also extremely scratch-resistant.

The only contact-free process is the direct printing-ink-jet technology. Individual ink drops are transported with high speed on the print surface. Using ink-jet direct printing process we can design your individual wishes, especially in the area of rigid materials to an area to uneven surface.

We also have the know-how of the various environmental friendly processes in direct pressure to use it combined and therefore we are represented in all industries.

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direct printing