Customer control systems

Orientation by customer control systems

Behind the term "customer control system“ a large number of different ways to customers is convealed - especially in large-scale sales locations of food retail or special trade – in order to offer a high degree of orientation and to ensure that these find what you are looking for. Customer control system therefore increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, a customer control system aims to show the customer the perfect way through the shop, i.e. to influence its run and to generate as many sales pulses as possible. The resulting intensive use should ideally refer to the entire sales area, the so-called "dead corners“ or other problem zones, that are less frequented have tob e excluded via customer control systems.

Customer control systems designed according to your individual requirements.

Customers control systems inform, among other things, about what products group can be found where. Close to the border or at high foreign customer share multilingual information can be offered. In order to ensure a comprehensive understanding also pictograms will be used. Generally customer control systems consist of ceiling hangers or of signs that are installed on shelf elements. These are however also possible in the form of floor stickers (supplementary). For the categorization of segments colors are often used. The individual elements of a customer control system can be connected via lighting accents. Existing system blocks can also be added through flexible, action-specific components.

Customer control systems by Effekr Grafik

Because of the broad range of requirements, assortments and spatial conditions in the area of trade Effekt Grafik offers an individual and specific development of customer control systems. There is still the possibility to refer to established solutions that have proven themselves in another place, and to modificate these.

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customer control systems