Counter displays

The sales counter in your business is kept rather small? It serves mainly as a cash and packaging area? Then you probably might have very little space for advertising. However, advertising straight in the checkout area is very effective, because customers here tend to acta s impulse buyers. So you should just on your sales counter present the goods in counter displays advantageous and so provide for the necessary attention. With counter displays you can offer selected products to the customer literally ready to purchase.

Counter displays are space-saving, small information stands, that present take-away products on your sales counter and that at the same time give out effective and convincing advertising messeges. At the same time the displays are an effective supplement for the sales counter and for all advertising measures in your sales areas.

Counter displays for individual goods presentation

There are counter displays in all possible versions: made in simple or high-quality materials such as glass, wood, plastic or metal, single or multi-colored, with and without a logo or label, for the presentation of products or only for advertising to convey information. There are counter displays in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. If counter displays are printed, they are often charactarized, depending on the printing process and material used, by a high color brilliance.

Counter displays as prospectus supporting advertising practitioners have nature but not the sale-promoting effects such as displays, as the driving displays can be used.

In counter displays, as to be used as driving displays, the goods can be presented in different ways. There are counter displays, in which the product is inserted in trays, other counter displays enable the presentation of goods on the hook. The displays for the sales counter are available with floors, open design or e.g. with plexiglas cover.

Effective counter displays for more attention and customer orientation

With the help of counter displays you can draw the attention of your customers to the appropriate product on the shelf. Thus counter displays help you advertising for your product because counter displays lift your products out of the ground, and come to use for example at trade fairs as trade fair displays.

In the food sector degustations counter displays are the optimal solution to offer small, hygienically packaged samples of new products.

Regarding the uncertain counter display selection we would like to advise you gladly, if you still do not know exactly which is the optimal counter display for your sales area.

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