Acrylic plates

Acrylic plates are suitable for the skillful presentation of your advertising or information material. With acrylic plates you can e.g. place price and advertising signs individually - and in this way supplement your product presentation in the shop or in the shop window. You can insert your advertising in the acrylic plates easily: the acrylic plate will fix your product and promotional materials make sure that even the finest quality paper is not damaged or dusty.

Acrylic plates are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Depending on advertising or information material your acrylic plate can be in satin or transparent visually design your advertising message support. Acrylic plates can also be printed with your logo or your advertising message. For outdoor use, acrylic plates can also be manufactured in robust, durable and weatherproof quality.

The choice of the appropriate size depends primarily on your advertising medium, but it can also be used as an additional design element to your advertising message. For example, an elegantly designed information board sized in table card in a quite large acrylic plates in DIN A4-format can indeed meet a very noble message - the format of your acrylic plate has an artistic aspect that connects a convincing form and content.

Acrilic plates : the varied presentation option

Acrylic plates are available in portrait and landscape formats, T A and L-shaped, with one or more trays in different sizes or with one or more floors. Formed like table cards you can create a professional working atmosphere by using name signs at conferences.

You can use acrylic display as table or counter displays, for example in your cafe in order to apply a new beverage creation. And – to make your guests feel the taste – it is possible to use the acrylic plates as a presentation display for a taste of the new coffee beans, which give the special aroma to your beverage creation.

Acrylic displays are also attractive advertising media e.g. in the entrance area of swimming pools or sports studios, where you can use your acrylic plate in the form of an aquarium design or as  raffle box - the main prize is a free training hour!!! In the office area acrylic plates can craete a successful order on your desktop and e.g. be used for storaging of business cards.

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acrylic plates