Acrylic glass cups

Acrylic glass cups: shiny awards for special services!

Reward personal, professional or sporting achievements in a very unusual way - with individually designed acrylic glass cups. Acrylic glass cups impress by their versions, form and color design possibilities, their quality and not least because of their shine! Acrylic glass cups add personal recognition of a very special touch - depending on the occasion from abstract classical up to elegant.

There are no limits to creativity regarding the design of acrylic glass cups. The variety of forms is derived from the special high-quality features of the acrylic material, a glass-like plastic, that can be pressed in almost any form with large heat in the acrylic glass processing. Although acrylic glass cups optically hardly differ from glass cups, they are – due to their chemical composition – not only easier but also more break-resistant and much more everlasting than glass cups.

More shine on the podium: Acrylic glass cups made by Effekt Grafik

The various possibilities that the acrylic glass offer to the production of cups, does not only relate to the design but also to the color design of acrylic glass cups. The color game ranges from transparent to translucent with colored accents up to colored acrylic glass. The wealth of color variations for acrylic glass cups is almost infinite. You can also choose between matt and shiny colors as well as between the different editions that appear to be frosted, specular or in silver colors.

Individual acrylic glass cups – the special gift!

We realize your wishes in acrylic glass cups also for the labelling. This means that acrylic glass cups can be individualized with a special lettering. Here - in the design of acrylic glass cups - you have the choice between pressings in the screen and digital printing processes, engravings with laser technology, the milky-dull and personal dedications to engraving plates. These plates are made of plastic or aluminum and they can, for example, be placed directly on the acrylic glass cup base or directly on the acrylic glass cup. By this acrylic glass cups give a very special and unique expression to every recognition or honor.

If matt-brushed or polished: Acrylic glass cups always make an excellent impression. By simple elegance, selected forms and attractive colors are acrylic glass cups are not only a stylish variant of awards, but they are also ideal gifts or incentives for a variety of occasions. Acrylic glass cups affect through their perfect design and fascinate by their light effects. Depending on the subject you can express the occasion, the honor or simply your thank with acrylic glass cups. In its design, shape and color each acrylic glass cup is of a special highlight and an eye-catcher for every viewer.

Let your appreciation be set in a special light! Our team will be pleased to advise you.

acrylic glass cups