Acrylic displays

You want to emphasize your advertising or information material discreetly elegant or fanciful? At the same time you also want to give free run to your creativity? You are looking for that little extra that sets you apart from all other advertisers? Or are you looking for timeless chic design for your home? – In all theses cases we have only one keyword for you: acrylic display.

The acrylic display is the design dream in satin or crystal clear. With acrylic displays you have various design possibilities because acrylic displays are so stubborn adaptable that it should not be difficult for you exactly your acrylic display.

Individual acrylics effect made by Effekt Grafik

Acrylic display may vary in size, in color and motif design, in format in ruggedness - simply in every aspect of its execution. They are universally applicable and have convinced by its versatility in almost every area of life.

Acrylic displays are available in a very subtle version, glass clear and multi-functional. But there are also acrylic display, that have an effect uni- or multi-colored, with or without decorative elements. Acrylic display can perfectly be adapted in form, color and strength to your needs. You can personalize acrylic display with your company logo or your slogans. In the acrylic glass processing almost every design is possible.

Impress your customers with individual acrylic display

The displays are in any form to have! Whether in the standard forms rectangular, round, oval or in special forms from A to Z, from flowers and animals, symbols to fantasy creations. A acrylic display is just unbeatable - if you want to surpass your competitors.

Display acrylic already fit in your home in a very noble and sophisticated way: as a storage vessel for perfume samples, guest soaps or hair jewelry in the bathroom and as a decorative element for your flower arrangement in the living room or as a casket for the bivalve molluscs collected during your summer vacation. Displays made of acrylic glass are also tastefully, when it comes to the order on your desk - as a pen holder, paper clip box or as a brochure stand acrylic.

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acrylic displays