Acrylic cups and trophies

Chalices, to which we do not pass by - acrylic cups!

An award is something special, an extraordinary event. And whether you are interested in a sporting performance, good cooperation with business partners or employees, or if you simply want to to give recognition to the estimable  behavior of human beings or animals, just opt for a sign of esteem that you are best known forand that you would like to present: an acrylic cup or trophy.

Individual forms of your acrylic cups as advertising media

While you can select in the execution of acrylic Acrylic glass cups between different thicknesses and material mixes with clear or colored acrylic, you can decide – regarding the shape of the entire design acrylic cups - between a range from abstract to classic open. Similarly acrylic trophies can be configured freely in their size - you can order acrylic trophies in matchbox format but in the same way you can order exquisitely prepared large models. In its quality acrylic glass cups can be charactarized by selected materials and therefore the finest acrylic. And finally the color of acrylic trophies reaches from transparent over transparent with color to color. High gloss polished and well processed acrylic cups are always an eye catcher, which also impresses by ist special gloss – depending on the incidence of light.

Acrylic trophies in individual corporate design.

In addition, the personal recognition you express with acrylic trophies can be supported by individual accents. In other words, we realize your customer-specific designs in the production of acrylic cups. Your idea is not only the tangible symbol of appreciation, but the distinctiveness of your acrylic cup can also be highlighted by printing or engraving - even in the corporate design of your company. Here you have the possibility to freely shape your motif, for instance your company or club logo, a tournament icon or simply a personal text individually.

The desired motif is engraved on the acrylic cups using laser engraving and appears milky-white. Acrylic cups can also be equipped with alu-emblems and engraving signs. Here you can also choose between a wide range of design possibilities in the acrylic glass processing which will give a very unique touch to your acrylic cup. One highlight will surely be trophies made of solid acrylic glass which can be refined by screen and digital printing. - Whether they are designed with stickers or engravings, individually designed acrylic cups always ensure with their high-quality optics and appealing light effects in any event for special attention.

We are pleased to present the many different possibilities of acrylic trophies to you!

acrylic cups and trophies