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Fresh colours in a reassuring and informative atmosphere - these are decisive criteria for successful product launches in the pharmaceutical sector. Here - in addition to medicines - even OTC products are presented and sold. The informative nature is therefore often as much a focal point as an appealing, discreet presentation of products.







This immediately effective, active concentrate against skin blemishes will be offered nationwide in 6,000 pharmacies.

To launch the product, VICHY developed an individual counter display in collaboration with EFFEKT GRAFIK within six weeks. This display should both attract the customer's attention, and briefly present the application possibilities and advantages of the product.

The result was a green-white combination of two thermoforming elements on which two hard plastic elements were mounted at the front and back. These were made by means of a UV offset process, a direct print showing the product tube and product details. A green flashing LED, which was integrated into the illustration of the dosing tip at the end of the tube, ensures special attention to and supports the association intended by VICHY of a targeted "weapon" against pimples, based on the very latest technology. The extra space on the back has room for further visual highlights and product details. The base of the display, in which two products and a tester can be placed, is printed using multicoloured screen printing. The body which is laterally almost 30 cm high contains ten product packages for visual enhancement and for the easy access of the customer.

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