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UV printing

UV printing is the only procedure that allows the printing of almost all materials. This also includes rigid materials such as acrylic glass, aluminum composite panels, PVC foam boards as well as wood and glass. For printing using ink-jet print, surfaces need to fulfill certain characteristics. In the UV printing this is not the case. The printers used here are also referred to as Flatbed-Printer. While UV printing the ink is directly printed on the material. For curing UV light is used. The UV printing is generally possible in the sieve, in digital as well as in offset printing. Usually this is the so-called UV-direct printing. The procedure can be assigned in the area of the pressure compensating.

UV ink

Abbreviation for UltraViolet ink, a special ink that dries quickly through the use of ultraviolet light on the press. This allows for more productivity because there is not need to let the ink dry before printing the other side. The inks are aggressive and will shorten the lifespan of the plates used.