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Technical terms T

Textile cleaning

The textile cleaning is part of the screening preparation process which comprises three more steps: the cleaning of paint residues, the removal of coatings and degreasing. For cleaning the fabric the screen printing trade offers for cleaning the fabric of paint residues numerous solvents that don't pollute the wastewater.

Tampon printing

The tampon printing is an indirect gravure printing method. Here the printing ink is transferred by means of flexible silicone rubber pads from the print form, the cliché, to the print medium. This procedure is especially used  for printing on plastic bodies of all kinds. Therefore, it is very important for the advertising industry. This comes along with the high degree of adaptability of the elastic tampons when printing justified on the basis of which also relatively complex-shaped, i.e. uneven surfaces can be printed. It plays no role whether these are concave, convex or irregular deformations.