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The proof is used to check the quality and is particularly recommended for multicolour jobs. The printer uses the proof, which has been approved by the client, as a template to save the setting of the printing machine. For creating the proof usually proof presses are used. The printing will be done on the same material like the actual end product. If the proof corresponds to the requirements of the customer, the printing  job can be performed. But if any major deficiency appear in the proof, further proofs are needed until the customer is  perfectly satisfied.

Printing scraper 

If it is printed by hand, the so-called printing scraper is used. It is usually a rubber, attached with a wooden handle. It is intended to be used before the actual printing in order to paint on the printing screen.

Printing sequence

The printing sequence is the order in which different inks are layed down by a multi-head press. Worldwide, the most popular order for typography is black followed by cyan, magenta, and yellow. Many prefer yellow followed by magenta, cyan, and black.

Printing plate

Is an intermediate image carrier used on a printing press to transfer the image from the film to a digital file to the substrate.

Printing method

The term printing method means th various types of the various types of printing that differ in their technological function. The following methods the most common procedures are summarized:
  • High pressure (book printing, flexographic printing)
  • Flat printing (offset printing)
  • Low pressure (illustration gravure printing, decor gravure printing, pad printing)
  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing

Printing finishing

Under the term printing finishing different possibilities can be mentioned that can be found in screen printing. These include special colours, for example, gold, silver or mirror colours. Furthermore by means of UV printing special effects can be achieved. This is likely to be the case if already finisehd motifs are overprinted with single elements and highlighted in relief.

Print template

The print template is a special cut form. Such print templates are used for screen printings. The combination of a  screen print frames, fabric and  a template is the print form. Today the production of screen printings can mainly be achieved by photographic means, apart from academic and artistic purpose.
The following techniques of manual printing, where the subject can be applied by hand, can be distinguished:
  • cover template
  • washout stencil
  • paper template
  • cutting template
  • reduction template