• Glossary

Technical Terms D


Describes the pretreatment cleaning tissue. This process should be used in particular for new tissues. An efficient and thorough degreasing ist he essential condition for an ideal silk screen form. After the cleaning of paint residues and the removal of coatings the degreasing ist he third step of textile cleaning.


The removal of coatings describes the loosening and removing screen printing templates from the mesh with a corresponding solution or reclaiming resources. The removal of coatings i spart oft he three-step process in the textile cleaning and symbolizes the middle step. The compensation fluid does, after a short reaction time, effect the reconstitution of the template. For the final, complete rinsing a high-pressure reclaiming device is used because a certain amount of water is used for this in order to achieve the perfect result. Automatic screen reclaiming systems are also available in the specialized trade.