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Technical Terms A

Anti-slip effect

In screen printing the anti-slip effect can be reached by two different ways. Fo one method hard varnish has to be roughened on one side which make it similar to sand paper. On the other side it is possible to reach a non-slip effect by using little slicky, rubber-like printing media. Surfaces can be printed completely or only partially in this respect, colored or transparent, with thik or thin colours, resulting in a very wide range of opportunities for various areas of application. Anti-slip effects are in particular used for safety reasond.

Afterglow colors 

In the screen printing, as under the term "print finishing" addressed, a wide range of (special) colors may be used. Afterglow colors are characterised by the fact that they absorb short-wave UV light of different light sources, They save and restore this and blast again, which results the after-glow effect in the dark. Messages are visible even in the dark. The quality of the pigments influence the duration of the effect in the same way as the quantity and the strength of the printed color layer. Since the coarse pigments exhibit only a small cover, a satisfactory result is most likely on a white background. For mechanical protection a thick layer of a repainting is recommended. After-glow colors are mainly known in the field of security technology to escape routes or clothing to highlight.