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The key to our success is perfect teamwork, because we can only achieve the best for our customers together. From the development to the design and production department, up to our project management and the installation teams, - everyone at Effekt Grafik makes a contribution to the success of the whole team.

"We make sure that your customers reach inside your shelves.“ Tuncay Kezer, Sales Manager, Effekt Grafik guarantees. "How do we manage? By relying on a combination of experienced specialists and young employees who make our company successful.“

The Effekt Grafik team is looking forward to receiving your individual request!

Karsten Bösing
Karsten Bösing
Karsten Bösing Team Leader
Project Management
T: +49 2871 27570-123
Tuncay Kezer
Tuncay Kezer Sales Director
Authorized Signatory
T: +49 2871 27570-103 M: +49 172 2993548
Lucas Hoffboll
Lucas Hoffboll
Lucas Hoffboll Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-132
Christina Giesing
Christina Giesing
Christina Giesing Administrative Assistant T: +49 2871 27570-114
Philip Legerski
Philip Legerski Operation Manager
Authorized Signatory
T: +49 2871 27570-102
Tobias Purwin
Tobias Purwin Junior Project Manager T: +49 2871 27570-133
Florian Telaar Project Assistant T: +49 2871 27570-134
Nicole Löttert
Nicole Löttert Administrative Assistant T: +49 2871 27570-113
Michael Kleinkes
Michael Kleinkes
Michael Kleinkes Team Leader
Account Management
T: +49 2871 27570-121
Alexander Schröder Team Leader Administration T: +49 2871 27570-190
Ina Biermann
Ina Biermann Administrative Assistant T: +49 2871 27570-115
Yannik te Uhle
Yannick te Uhle Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-125
Svenja Jansen
Svenja Jansen
Svenja Halke Junior Project Manager T: +49 2871 27570-135
Tobias Jochmann
Tobias Jochmann
Tobias Jochmann Team Leader Buying T: +49 2871 27570-122
Lars Thyssen
Lars Thyssen Junior Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-126
Katja Legerski
Katja Legerski
Katja Legerski HR Manager T: +49 2871 27570-0
Patrick Kays
Patrick Kays
Patrick Kays Project Manager T: +49 2871 27570-131
Ulrich Legerski
Ulrich Legerski CEO T: +49 2871 27570-0
Sibel Imeri
Sibel Imeri Account Manager (Education) T: +49 2871 27570-130
Niclas Bösing
Niclas Bösing Junior Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-136
Stefanie Hoffrichter
Stefanie Hoffrichter
Stefanie Hoffrichter Administrative Assistant T: +49 2871 27570-124
EG-Team - Peter Hengefeld
Peter Hengefeld Junior Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-127
Matthias Brassart
Matthias Brassart Junior Account Manager T: +49 2871 27570-128