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Are you looking for eye-catching, emotional media that appeals to your customers directly and will win them over? An appealing and expressive customer guidance system is essential, especially if you have a broad product portfolio. For the customer can't take what he doesn't find.

We have a large selection of advertising opportunities: we offer gift card stands, promotional merchandise or brochure holders which are developed individually for you and your target audience. Or opt for one of the most diverse options in the printing sector: for example, a window sticker which directly catches the eye? Perhaps you also need a wall covering made especially for your requirements? Our offers and possibilities are as versatile as your business. Our experienced engineers will ensure the smooth and secure installation of your advertising campaign.






FRESSNAPF - Praesentationsdisplay

The objective for Fressnapf was the "Puppy Club" project. An attention-grabbing POS solution which would lead the customer directly to the benefits of membership. This was impressively implemented by a 1.70m high presentation display in the form of a bone.

"The display positioned the puppy club in an eye-catching and emotional manner at the POS. The customer immediately felt motivated to register for the puppy club, as the display showed the incentive - the welcome pack - and highlighted other advantages. A very successful presentation.", was the enthusiastic feedback from Fiona Flecken, Marketing Manager CRM Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GMBH. Customer order performed!

The presentation display was awarded the prestigious Superstar Award at the award ceremony of the trade journal "display".

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