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Sales promotion is successful when it reaches not only the people who already have a need, but also arouses a need in the others. We provide refreshing new ideas which attract attention and captivate customers. Whole sales floors or innovative product pieces - we can offer our bright complete service package.

Whether for permanent first place display or only for temporary secondary placement, if made of acrylic glass, wood, metal, with or without LEDs – with us you have come to the right place!





"Jelly Bean Factory“-display

Jelly Bean Factory-Standdisplay

A dream for young and old: Countless colourful Jelly Beans in all possible tastes – together with Effekt Grafik it was of great importance for the candy producer Cloetta Germany to emphasize this kind of uniqueness and the exclusivity of the products effectively in a new, permanent display.

The aspects of mobility, a simple construction and a huge capacity in the smallest space had to be considered regarding the design and the production of the display. Furthermore the display should consist of interchangeable visual and modular acrylic elements in order to be able to respond cost-effective to individual requirements in retail outlets and regarding changes in the assortment.

„The turnover has significantly increased since the launch of the Effekt Grafik display!“, Dominik Holtschlag, sales and marketing manager of Cloetta Germany, proudly announces.

The extraordinary, open construction and the standard presentation in supermarkets and department stores do attract customers and open completely new target groups. The clear delimitation from competitors, clear structure of the assortment as well as the high-quality communicative design accelerate the sale of the goods immensively.

„The feedback is positive in every respect - whether concerning the customers or the point of sale.“, Dominik Holtschlag says. „In cooperation with the Effekt Grafik team we and our foreign sister societies are already planning further display solutions.“

Our sense of taste pays off!

In july 2017 we received the coveted award, the „silver indian“ of the POPAI D-A-CH-Awards, for the design and the production of the display.

„The result is something we can be proud of. In spite of numerous exhibits of competitors our display contribution won and convinced the jury“, Tuncay Kezer resumed. 

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