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As everybody knows from daily shopping at the grocery store: a good overview is essential if you want to find what you are looking for. The product range is becoming more and more extensive. Therefore ideas are needed which can help to maintain the overview. It is important here to direct and guide the attention of customers, e.g.. with customer signs, shelf banners or ceiling panels. These allow customers to orient themselves in spite of the wide range of products.





Panels for ALDI SÜD freezer cabinet
"Cool & Fresh"

ALDI SÜD Kühlregalblende

A large-scale project specifically developed for Aldi South by Effekt Grafik. Giant panel covers with the motto "Cool & Fresh" were mounted on the top surfaces of refrigeration units across Aldi stores in Germany.

After four years of development, the Effekt Grafik "chain production" was launched for the first time in 2013. And then in less than a year, we were able to assemble the new refrigeration unit covers throughout Germany in approximately 1,800 branches. The first CE-certified ceiling suspension kit was used in order to comply with fire regulations. Customised solutions were developed while closely monitoring the individual conditions on site. It was natural for us that the installation of the refrigeration covers proceeded smoothly despite the ongoing operation. The fact that the new refrigeration panels created a special atmosphere should have been noticed immediately by every visitor. This success speaks for itself.

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