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Especially the cosmetic area lives from its aesthetics, beauty and purity. What is important here is the presentation of products around the topic of beauty - stylish and creative set in scene with light and colour. These are particularly nice views and prospects for your company, aren’t they? We take care about the effective presence of your premium brand. Together with you we will develop CD-compliant display and sales promotion aids.

Highest possible value is guaranteed – for shining moments.






The basis for the development and production of the test bar for the cosmetics manufacturer L'Oreal Germany was the customer‘s desire for a display used for product launch. This should serve as an information as well as a sales element and satisfy the innovation of the sonic technology. Flexibility of the display as well as exclusivity should also not be missing.

Our solution

The test bar has a total of three floors. The last and the first floor hold the six interchangeable modules which include the testing devices. These modules can also be used for other new products, so that not only the recognition value increases, but also the familiarity of the consumer to the brand. On the second floor the acrylic glass brushes are presented for purposes of information on an elevated platform. The basis floor is used for the sale of various brushes and consists of a white acrylic glass tub with integrated push feeds for a better product handling. The highlight of the entire display is the homogeneous LED lighting in the test bar, which is individually adjusted to the display and which shall pick up the attention of the shopper.

„A completely successful result!“ the jury of the POPAI AWARDS says as well.

As a confirmation and a recognition our solution, the CLARISONIC-test bar, was even awarded this year with the popular Indian silver award in the category "small editions & flagship stores" by the POPAI D-A-CH e.V. For us at Effekt Grafik this is a great reason to shout with joy and thank L'Oreal Germany for its trust!

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