Dear customers and partners,

Because of the constantly renewed information about the Corona virus we have created a short summary for you. Here you can get an insight into how EFFEKT GRAFIK deals with the Corona Virus and what we do to continue to manage your projects optimally.


"Essential is to work together to save time and slow down the spread of the virus.“, our Chancellor said in her public statement about the epidemic. Because: "It is important what we do, it is not in vain, it is not for nothing.“

As EFFEKT GRAFIK we have thought about how we can avoid or limit the spread in our company.


From the beginning of the pandemic our first priority is to make it clear that all employees, suppliers and fitters have a great responsibility. Responsibility for society and their fellow human. Responsibility for their families and loved ones. Responsibility for yourself and your actions in the company and your everyday life.


In order to protect everyone's health and our business, we have taken the following precautions for our company:

  • Formation of a task force team that is responsible for the company and precautions
  • Formation of new teams from all departments - logistics, media design and development - which are divided into separate offices and production facilities and use separate toilets
  • Precautions for vulnerable employee groups
  • Creation of home office
  • Digital order and production folders
  • Digital meetings and training
  • Different working and break times
  • Internal as well as external communication only by email, phone or chats
  • Stricter hygiene measures among the employees and higher performance of our cleaning staff and our facility management

The precautionary measures were prepared objectively and communicated openly to all employees and suppliers. I am very proud of the professionalism of our 100 colleagues who realised the precautions quickly. We are still - despite separation- together in thinking and acting with responsibility and consideration! I await the further weeks and I am optimistic that we are well prepared for this exceptional situation.

We stay available for you – by mail and phone

We will continue to take care of your questions, concerns and inquiries. Of course we will adapt our precautions flexibly according to the current situation and keep you up to date!

Stay healthy!

Your Tuncay Kezer,
Sales Director as EFFEKT GRAFIK