Wild business trip got managed!

After a turbulent drive of 37 years we say goodbye to our dear working collegue, Michael Vitz, who is now entering his well-deserved retirement.

During his last official working day the whole Effekt Grafik team did not spare neither time nor trouble to provide many small and big surprises for him. Needless to say that an appropriate internal and external presentation was not missing at that special day.

Even his beloved Mercedes was not excluded from the decoration process!

As always, Michael took all this with a great sense of humor and was very thankful for the warm farewell of his working career at Effekt Grafik. Thanks a lot, dear Michael, for your power and your commitment even in difficult times. Just stay as you are and never loose your friendly and helpful way of handling with people. We will miss you but at the same time we are very happy for you!

Your Effekt Grafik-team


Retirement! // Impressions

Michael's Abschied No.1

Michael's Abschied No.2

Michael's Abschied No.3

Michael's Abschied No.4

Michael's Abschied No.5

Michael's Abschied No.6