Since the beginning of 2018 one thing has ben in the focus at EFFEKT GRAFIK: the relaunch of the company design. An advancement of logo, figurative mark and claim, in which a lot of heart and soul have been invested. In this way it is no wonder and totally understandable that employees, customers as well as suppliers have been speculating for several weeks about questions like: How will the company look like in future? What will change and what will stay the same? Probably something new has caught your attention here or there? Now it is just the right time for EFFEKT GRAFIK to give a first exclusive insight onto the new, visual identity and to explain what will be changed in future.

With more than 50 years of know-how and riability EFFEKT GRAFIK is now as an internationally-known player at the POS. With the help of an experienced team of 130 employees , on an inhouse production and logistics area of 12.000 m² the ideas of well-known customers grow into chracter-strong solutions. A cross-sectoral performance package and internal short ways allow a proactive reaction to the customer's needs and wishes. EFFEKT GRAFIK's promise: 100% top performance by pricise market observation and constant striving for optimization.


(Operations Director | Authorized Signatory)

“Taking the background of modernization and the changing customer wishes into account, we have realized at an early stage: In order to be recognized as a convincing and attractive company at the market for our customers, expedient modernizations are inevitable. The optimazation of departments according to core areas as well as annual investions in new printing and plastics technologies are important and bneccessary steps for us on our way for a modern, future-orientated company.”




Convincing technology.
Apart from the annealing furnance and a digital label press, two new flat base digital printers enable a significant quality increase of POS solutions in shortest reaction time.

Convincing structure.
The restructuring of the departments speeds up project processes and offers clear communication and process ways to employees as well as to customers.

Convincing reaction.
The increasing number of project requests and the continious number of awards by the international POPAI D-A-CH e.V. speak for EFFEKT GRAFIK and confirm: the way into the future pays off for the company. This future orientation and realignment at the market are recognized and appreciated.


(Sales Director | Authorized Signatory)

"The digital change and the changing expectations of people show: It depends on reacting hollistacally and reinventing oneself time and again – concerning products as well as the design. The launch of the brand presentation is an important step for modernization in order to strengthen and expand our market position as an international producer in the printing ans display branch. The adjustments that have been performed in this context are a contemporary development. An evolution. Not a revolution.“



Convincing message. Strong logo.
EFFEKT GRAFIK has changed, it has even become more modern-oriented and is greatly striding towards the future. The new design should also make this externally visible. The new logo stands for a clear performance promise of EFFEKT GRAFIK to its customers and its employees. It is a symbol of trust, reliability, quality and innovation.
[See further details about the new EFFEKT GRAFIK look in the article "CONVINCING RELAUNCH.“]



Convincing. Grounded.
In spite of digitalization, growth and steadily new branch trends and technologies EFFEKT GRAFIK wants to maintain one thing unchanged: its down-to-earth attitude – in the customers'and the employees' interest at the same time. Nobody knows how exactly future will look like for EFFEKT GRAFIK. But one thing is very certain: EFFEKT GRAFIK will use its full potential to be perfectly prepared in order to recognize latest trends and developments punctually. In this way the company will – as a strong partner – continue to generate and to place innovative and convincing solutions at the POS for their customers.


"The modernization of EFFEKT GRAFIK is only working because of the engagement of our strong team of motivated employees, the best in the business. They are EFFEKT GRAFIK's real face. Thanks to this engagement of our employees and our reliable network of partner companies and suppliers we will follow the way of modernization in future – for us and for our customers."