A company is only as good as its committed employees – this is the motto under which EFFEKT GRAFIK has been operating for years and offers its employees a respectful cooperation and modern working environment with a feel-good atmosphere. No matter if CEO or Trainee, Account Manager or Logistician - a engaged employee and a company as a strong team with heart is build of respect and trust. One of our committed employees is Philip Legerski.

His career

Philip Legerski has started 2012 at EFFEKT GRAFIK. Even at the beginning of his employment as Assistant CEO, he distinguished himself through various internal analyses - in the context of company management succession.

In 2013 he was first given responsibility for the commercial departments (Administration-, Buying-, Account- and Project Management) and one year later he additionally managed the entire production.To this day he has been successfully active as Operations Director and as a part of the management with power of procuration.

His work

In the course of the company growth, he has played a decisive role:

  • on the structuring of the departments,
  • the creation of processes within the company and
  • contributed to the training of the employees.

The approach he developed in the project business is now one of the company trademarks, in which all process steps are planned and controlled from the ordering process to Europe-wide assembly.

At his own request, Philip Legerski will resign from his position as Authorised Signatory and Operations Director on 31 December 2019 and will take up the position of Assistant CEO on a part-time base.




Dear Philip,

the entire EFFEKT GRAFIK team of employees, consultants and partner companies, would like to thank you for your years of commitment, your impressive performance and the great cooperation.

We wish you much success for your personal development!





(Assistant CEO)

"I would like to thank the whole EFFEKT GRAFIK team for their support and trust in me over the years! I am looking forward to dedicating myself intensively to my personal development again. I had interrupted my further education to be available for EFFEKT GRAFIK in 2011 with full power and passion. EFFEKT GRAFIK will remain a part of my life! Therefore I will be working part-time in the advisory function of Assistant CEO in the future.“


The development continues!

On 01.01.2020, Michael Emming (Head of Production) will be given power of procuration. Together with Tuncay Kezer (Director Sales) they form a strong duo at the level of authorised signatories. In operational business, the Team Leaders trained by Philip Legerski will be responsible for the individual specialist departments. Philip already handed over his responsibilities to the entire team successively several months ago, so that a clearly defined transition is taking place. His position as Operations Director will remain unoccupied for the time being.


Our strong duo
Michael Emming (Head of Production) and Tuncay Kezer (Sales Director)