The entire EFFEKT GRAFIK brand has been rethought and redesigned – especially regarding the demands and aims at the POS. The new image shows a modern value and a new interpretation of the company. Therefore the designer put the greatest emphasis on grapping EFFEKT GRAFIK‘s values in order to visualize them in a future-orientated way.

"We regard the 50th anniversary of the rhomb trademark as a good opportunity to requestion basic design aspects: Is our visual appearance still contemporary? Can the design transport everything the company stands for? Is all of this up-to-date or are basic changes required? Here, it is without any question that the trademarked rhomb symbol has been designed in 1970 – and that it still works as the distinctive mark for screen printin, which everything had started with at EFFEKT GRAFIK.“
PHILIP LEGERSKI (Operations Director | Authorized Signatory)


Modern mix in the here and now
Since its foundation 50 years ago, a lot of things have changed and developed in the company: Today EFFEKT GRAFIK offers attention-seeking POS solutions to its customers, real eye-catchers that animate to buy. Basic requirements for these successful inhouse developments are:

  • the understanding of the individual customer‘s desires,
  • the exact cost-benefit relation and
  • the optimum time saving.

EFFEKT GRAFIK knows very well: Only a timely and tailor-made solution has a convincing effect on the customer and the perfect stage for the sales products – for a strong result at the POS.

The new claim: translating strenghts and performance promises
In order to rivise the design it is an important challange to meet the growing and changing demands of today's and tomorrow's world. After intensive analysis, one aspect was particularly worked out: The company name "EFFEKT GRAFIK" does not reflect any strengths, achievements or emotions. Therefore, in addition to the optimization of the logo, an essential and indispensable element of the relaunch was to redevelop a target group specific claim.

"While developing the claim, we have been focussing on finding a clear, easily-comprehensible message that relates to the core competencies of EFFEKT GRAFIK. The claim "Your POS. Convincing innovative." is the strategic translation of our strengths and our performance promise. With the help of the claim the customer understands that EFFEKT GRAFIK creates innovative POS solutions for him. Solutions that are particularly convincing because we know the fast-moving market and know how the end customer acts."
TUNCAY KEZER (Sales Director | Authorized Signatory)

Your POS. Convincing innovative.
An unmistakable, authentic and serious message that works from the inside out for both the customer and the employees and that clearly sets apart from the competition.


The new icon. Fit for future.
The new EFFEKT GRAFIK icon is the creative translation of the claim that has been worked out and it can exist on its own as well as in connection with the claim and the word mark.In direct comparison, the development of the EFFEKT GRAFIK logo is very easy to read. The former rhombus in its "flexible, oblique" form has been "straighned" in form of three sturdy and expressive rectangles. On closer inspection, these indicate the company's "E" initial and once again symbolize the convincing claim EFFEKT GRAFIK "stands for". The strong, blue outline surrounds the red rectangles, but does not enclosure them. The rectangles serve more as a connection to form the indicated, contoured square into a whole.

"In an impressive way the logo shows our corporate character and our corporate philosophy. We are:

  • a part of the POS.
  • a part of the customer.
  • a part of the team.

Together we make a whole and look beyond the edge! In combination with the word mark and the newly developed claim, the logo perfectly represents our company with all its facets. It has a strong recognition factor and will confidently be staged in the future as a central element of our appearance!"


Strong word mark. Harmonic contrast.
The strong word mark is in harmony with the strong icon and forms a fat-fine contrast with the claim that radiates sovereignty and strength. The newly used fonts are reduced to their essentials, they have a timeless effect and are characterized by their optimal readability.


The power of colours
Blue stands for trust.
The EFFEKT GRAFIK blue becomes our leading brand color - it contains depth and looks more elegant.Red stands for emotion and attractiveness.The EFFEKT GRAFIK red is used in a more targeted and subtle way, which gives it a higher value. It serves for orientation, activation, differentiation and emphasizes special emotional accents.