EFFEKT GRAFIK continues to grow healthily this year again. The growth is accompanied by the new struc-turing of the departments and the project processes. They create clear internal as well as external communication and process ways. In order to let this development bear fruits, we need a lot of patience and strength during this time.

Due to our training concept, we consciously decided this year to employ only one trainee in our media design department. The media design is one of the departments with the most free capacities. Despite structural change and repositioning, it can offer an optimal personal and technical support to the new trainee – in line with our training concept. [see „CONVINCING. CREATIVE.“]

In the upcoming training year 2019, we are ready to take off

For the first time, in addition to media designers, media technologists and commercial professions, we are training the profession as a cutting machine operator. Our motto: "Drive development forward energetically. Counteract the lack of skilled workers actively. Get young people enthusiastic about classic professions."

We are already looking forward to applications for the training start in 2019!