To help and support: 6500 € for heart projects

Social engagement has always been of highest importance for Effekt Grafik. That's why we support wholeheartedly relief organizations and small initiatives from the region this year again.  In this respect, it is particularly important for us to emphasize one important fact: Every donation helps and is urgently needed!

Versatile support
While splitting off our donations we've consciously paid attention to spread these very diversified. In this context, for example, 1.000 € go to:

  • the initiative „Muko-Life“,
  • the Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe (German foundation for helping children with cancer),
  • the Deutsche Knochenmarkspende, DKMS (the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre DKMS),
  • the Children and Adolescent Hospice Service „Regenbogenland“,
  • the association of the Clemens-Dülmer school as well as
  • the department to support the youth tennis at TSV Bocholt.

In addition, the Tierschutzverein Bocholt und Umgebung, a local animal protection organization for Bocholt and the region, is supported by us with 500 €.

To thank and to motivate
„First of all we would like to help those organizations and initiatives with our donations that really need further support and that are dependent on it“Tuncay Kezer, sales manager at Effekt Grafik, says.„At the same time we want to thank them for their work and give them support for the next year. We would like to take this opportunity to stress one thing very clearly: Your work and your engagement pay off and find acceptance!“

Additional donators are very welcome!
True to the slogan “Motivate to do good!” we at Effekt Grafik will go on to motivate and mobilize additional supporters. So if you will now feel directly addressed and you are interested in our heart projects, then use the following links for further information:

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank for your interest and your support – also and in particular on behalf of all initiatives and organizations!

The entire Effekt Grafik team wishes you a happy and reflective Christmas season and a Happy New Year 2018!