Trainees 2017 - developing expertise

Training manager Philip Legerski is happy with the new reinforcement at Effekt Grafik (from left to right): Tom Hollands, Sibel Imeri, Céline Heier and Maurice Essing.

„Standing still means taking a step backwards! That is why we at Effekt Grafik continue to develop and why we need well-trained specialist staff!“, Philip Legerski, operation manager and training manager, says. 

For many years Effekt Grafik has been pursuing a modern and successful training concept in order to counteract the lack of specialists actively. This year we are again providing professional training for the professions as industrial clerk, media designer and media technologist.

„The young trainees are integrated into the company quickly and their development is always followed by experienced specialists. We are very proud of the high number of submitted applications and we are convinced that we have chosen four right candidates!“, Legerski contuniues.

In the media design department you will right now find Céline Heier. Celine is 20 years old and lives in Bocholt. Before starting her training at Effekt Grafik she has successfully passed a professional training as technical design assistant and digital media designer at tue „Berufskolleg Bocholt-West“ and she has passed her general matriculation standard in Recklinghausen. At Effekt Grafik her training as media designer has a technical as well as a graphical aspect so that it opens a varied field of opportunities for the trainee.

In the commercial area we get professional reinforcement by Sibel Imeri. Sibel ist 19 years old, she lives in Rhede and has graduated successfully from the college of commerce at the „Berufskolleg Am Wasserturm“ in Bocholt. As as industrial representative trainee Sibel will pass through all departments of the company: production, logistics, accounting, purchasing, sales, project management.

Our department of media production is supported by the two Bocholt-born trainees Maurice Essing (17) and Tom Hollands (16). Both trainees have gathered experience in the production industry by previous practical trainings. Already after several days they will work independently on the machines and learn more about our printing technology with a very practical orientation.

„Now for us and for our trainees the strategy will be: Let's go! We do not only want to guarantee a successful examination as well as a following business takeover but we also want to gain new qualified personnel“, Philip Legerski resumes.

The entire Effekt Grafik team is looking forward to the young support and wishes them a successful start to their careers!