Successful “Exhibition-Menu”

All participants at the booth of Effekt Grafik were very satisfied with the EuroShop. Together with BVH Display from the Netherlands and the Swiss ALVICO Vils AG the company "gifted" to the visitors later on Valentine's Day a tastefully staged a presentation of innovative products and solutions successfully implemented.

Of particularly interest was the new premium action table, which was set out under the motto "A table, a lot of possibilities". The various advertising panels, the innovative price rail with printed insert, the matching ceiling carré, the matching floor stickers, the printed, height-adjustable base plate of the table as well as several small eye-catchers showed impressively how suited the action table is at as regards POS to being an expressive unit for everything about a product or to generating a thematic focus. In addition, a wide range of eye-catching print and display solutions was presented to the visitors. For a bit of extra atmosphere, the professional chef Frank Mielke ensured that the guests were provided with a variation of little touches. Thus, with Grafik Effekt, there were not only individual advice sessions, but also tasteful refreshments. 

Source: Display, Issue April / May 2014