Say it with large-format pictures

Large scale work as advertising information and at the same time for decoration purposes. With them the interest of the customer will be arised, both in the outdoor advertising as well as for the interior design at the POS. The use of digital printing allows optimal results.

You’ll know the feeling while strolling through the shops, too: products in unique designed packaging, a compelling presentation of products with display, light background music, the fine scent of a direction competitive product and often the icing on the cake to the perfect sales experience: the concept of the store design creates a great atmosphere.
The customer feels comfortable and gladly accepts the invitation for a buying experience. And this not only in noble boutiques. Many discounters as well as a variety of other retail businesses recognized the opportunity to "upgrade" the store design. The customer take these efforts with thanks and rewards it with increasing turnover.

Eye catcher attract customers

In the area of store design and outdoor advertising such large-format prints have taken a permanent place on the POS since decades. On the one hand these pressures serve as a carrier of advertising information and on the other hand they increasingly serve for decoration purposes.

In the outdoor area there are usually informative prints, that communicate a message to the customer. The customer can often already identify the colors selected in the framework as the company’s corporate design. Then the information is directly "saved".suitable to the company.
Large-format prints can also be used as "eye catcher" in the area of retail stores in order to attract or generate attention to the business. The customer wants to be addressed and receive a clear message. After having arrived in the shop, he then expected an appropriate atmosphere.

In a food store e.g. that means that fresh food or already freshly prepared food are mapped. In a clothing store it is a model with the latest collections and in the perfumery it is a star with the latest fragrance in his or her hand.

Quality through digital printing

The further development of digital technology, where mainly TV sets and photo cameras are always presented with different and higher resolutions, our awareness for higher qualities in the visual representation arises. The customer’s claim as well as the trade have significantly increased. The times of grid points and clearly visible pixels are over. Motifs that have been printed in series in the screen printing and that have been perceived as very good, are no longer enough to meet the customers' needs. Photo-realistic images with color gradients and a large number of details, often require the use of digital printing.

The rapid development in the digital printing technology enables producers  to meet these requirements in the long term too. By the high print speeds of the machines you can also manage numbers that have still been unthinkable in digital printing ten years ago. Digital printing can now even be selected between different quality levels, in order to produce larger requirements in an acceptable resolution in a quick and cheap way, and also a high level quality of large prints run as standard market prices.

The print formats are increasingly suitabl with the machines, so that a division of the basic material is not necessary. In this way the times of ugly edges are largely gone, in which for example in the exterior area dirt could quickly accumulate. The possibilities of further processing have adjusted to the large format of digital printing so that for example large slides are laminated with wide roles on laminating tables and not just with the help of using the round tip of a squeegee.

Flexible handling

However, there are other aspects in the field of large-format printing to be observed. Pressure is often not the only problem. The art of doing this is to set printing correctly in scene. Either this is performed by an interior architect or the producer himself will provide for it with advice and assistance. With "The Council and the fact" it is often said that in addition to the printing the development of the design and the installation directly will be offered so that the customer gets "everything from one hand". The service goes even further: in the case of the first job it is important to think about the consequential costs for handling such as a change of scene.
Frame systems, in which drives/films can be changed by the customer himself in the course of the refurbishment, must be developed. For the customer this is a cost advantage because with the developed system also the own staff is capable to change printings without needing experienced technicians to be on site.
Today one of the tasks of a large format printer is also  to think outside your own box with the help of foreign companies. There are projects such as the development of ceiling slope systems that provide for the large format prints in compliance with the related legal and fire protection technical requirements of, for example, free-floating ceiling hang out.
With the willingness to develop new systems or profiles to set printings can often mean a clear advantage over thecompetition.  This flexibility in thought and action and the combination of pressure techniques can generate unique results for the customer.

The overall concept must be correct. For this the producer does not only have to be in close contact with the customer, but he also has to be close to the market and ready for a customer's order to set pulses and propose a different direction. The efforts and the ambition to improve pay off.

Source: Ladenbau, Fachbeitrag Großbilde