New system for mounting

New system for mounting

Again, Effekt Grafik could convince industry by using speed. With multiple customer requests for a more perfect attachment tool for suspending advertising sign elements to store ceilings, the Effekt Grafik management developed without further hesitation a separate article - the targodym® system. Behind it is hidden a square aluminium tube that is placed over two neodymium magnets on the ceiling. The associated steel ropes can be replaced easily if a different length is desired. In addition, the height of the mounted object can be varied on the adjustable safety clip, which is provided with hooks. 

The targodym® system is distinguished by the fact that it is cheaper and also more filigree than the usual market solutions. This can also be modified with respect to the bearing load. It is generally suitable for all ceilings which have magnetic components; but also for slat ceiling, a possibility was already developed to retrofit this magnetically as appropriate. In addition to targodym® system the in-house installation aid "targodym®.dot" was developed for the precise application of the system.

Existing montage grippers on the market were modified according to the requirements of trade and more importantly, made safer. The "targodym®.dot" has in the upper area a security device that prevents the targodym® system from falling when attaching or detaching. 

Source: POS Shopfitting, Issue 6/2014 November