POS pricing

Using the „More than 100 years of experience“ theme, Effekt Grafik is looking forward to the EuroShop – in collaboration with the sales partner BVH Displays from the Netherlands and Avico Vils AG from Switzerland. At the company‘ s fair stand innovative solutions are presented once again. These solutions include a sale table that impresses by its high-quality design and iis improved functionality. Furthermore the table  can be modified customer-specifically if desired with the help of various components. These include – besides different advertising facia – a price tag rail which corresponds to the traders‘ desire to renounce price gallows hanging from the ceiling. This newly developed innovation created by Effekt Grafik is a metal rail that can be pushed into the lateral pillars of the table. These are slightly inclined towards the interior so that the prices can be viewed properly by  people of different heights. When manufacturing the scanner tracks the commonly used material PVC has been replaced with a more eco-friendly, clear PET.

Source: Pos Kompakt, 1/2014 Februar